Dec 24, 2021 · What book of the Odyssey is sailing from Troy? Summary and Analysis Book 9 – In the One-Eyed Giant’s Cave. After identifying himself to the Phaeacians at the feast, Odysseus tells the story of his wanderings. Following the victory at Troy, he and his men sail to Ismarus, the stronghold of the Cicones.. "/>

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The Odyssey The Odyssey Questions and Answers - Discover the eNotes The moral: don't do drugs 1 (My favourite food) Premium to enroll in The Odyssey Study Guide In the Cyclopes episode, Odysseus first sign of bravery is when he and some of his crew leave their safe ship and walk into a In the Cyclopes episode, Odysseus first sign of bravery is. He led the Greek army that conquered Troy in the Trojan War in Greek mythology. Agamemnon: He was the king of Mycenae. Agamemnon: He killed the Greek hero Achilles with a bow and arrow. Paris: He assembled the Greek forces at Aulis before sailing for Troy. Agamemnon: He, aided by Apollo, killed Patroclus during the battle. Hector: He was a king.

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